Services and Support

Our core principles are professionalism, value and reliability.

When you engage Sapphire Management you can be assured that the task at hand will be completed to deadline with the best possible use of in-house and consultant resources; this is true of all projects whether one-off or ongoing.

The services below do not comprise an exhaustive list but give an indication of the areas where Sapphire Management can offer efficiencies and process improvements, particularly in instances where it is not viable for client companies to source in-house management.

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FCA Regulatory Compliance

Issue: FCA compliance is becoming more onerous; brokers and insurers need robust systems to ensure they fall within the regulatory guidelines.

Solution: Our scope of industry knowledge and experience gives practical support to your management team, improves processes and implements FCA recommendations without fuss.


Change Management and Implementation

Issue:Change affects all parts of your organisation from staff to systems and processes, requiring management resource that often has to be redeployed from day to day or specialist projects.

Solution: We are experts in change management, with extensive experience implementing London Market Group and ABI requirements. We write procedures, train staff, assess requirements and make it happen, allowing your management team to get on with your core business.


Business Process Redesign

Issue: Resources are stretched; overheads need to be reduced. Change is needed but identification of where change will enhance efficiency is difficult.

Solution: Our proven track record demonstrates that we can identify where change will be effective, implement the processes required and measure success. Throughout we support your management team, document processes and provide full staff training.


Operational Management

Issue: Your team is under pressure; workloads are temporarily high; key staff are absent or identified skill sets are missing.

Solution: Our team acts as a support mechanism to your team, filling the gaps in knowledge or personnel on a project management or broader basis. We are ready to step in and step back as and when required.

Project Leadership and Co-ordination

Issue: Key staff are diverted on one-off projects, leaving you open to risk in the core area of your business. Project management skills are lacking.

Solution: No matter what the scope of your project, at Sapphire Management we have the skills and experience to take responsibility and see the project through from inception to implementation.


Risk Management

Issue: Risks are not properly identified, risk management has become too onerous or management of risk is ineffective.

Solution: We are experts in identifying, quantifying and managing the risks that affect your business. We will help develop your Risk Register and the ongoing requirement to monitor and control those risks.


Customer Relationship Management

Issue: Customers are satisfied but not delighted! Opportunities are being missed; contact is erratic.

Solution: We will set up customer relationship management programmes to help you develop closer relationships with existing customers, maximising your sales and business retention prospects.


Human Resources

Issue: Staff training is not up to date; induction programmes for new staff need to be improved; new training programmes need to be devised and documented; there is no one to carry out training.

Solution: Without training, staff fail to reach their potential. Our training services are fully inclusive from instigation to delivery, and include appraisal systems and personal development programmes.